We make camping easy

The Western Cape has some of the most spectacular camp site along our coast, as well as along our Rivers and Majestic Mountain.  Camping allows you to get back to basics and explore Mother Nature.

If you’re planning a quick get away from the hustle of city life for a night or two or an epic adventure, we have everything you need and a few added luxuries  to enhance the experience. A hot shower and a cold beer can make all the difference.

We have quality gear to rent at a fraction of the price of buying it all and take the hassle out of storing it, cleaning it and forgetting essential item.

We offer individual items as well as all-inclusive packages, so you just need to pick it up and drop it off when you done exploring the great outdoors.

CampEasy covers all the fundamentals of camping: sleep/eat/clean

We have a selection of tents, gazebos, ground sheets, wind breakers, mattresses, bedding, chairs, and tables to… sleep easy.

Solar Fridge/freezer, Cooler boxes, Braai stuff (braai grills, braai tongs, braai bowls), gas cookers, pots& pans, cutlery& crockery, kettle, coffee pot, gas bottles to… eat easy.

Portable shower with hot water gas geyser for you and  washing up detergents, cleaning clothes, sponges,  drying racks and crates to keep your camping… clean easy.

Our packages range from all-inclusive to individual items, so you rent just what you need.


You order what you need online through our website. We have it ready to collect, we’ll even help you pack it in and off you go.

Just drop it off when you done. We do all the rest.